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Coach Charger used to be a city slicker. He took early retirement and moved out to the country after the fast-paced life-style wrecked his marriage and he was forced to reappraise his life. This bear-like, seriously sexy, silver fox now works as a part-time sports coach and really enjoys inspiring the young men on his team. His charm, natural authority and big dick make him a natural top, but every so often, an assertive twink can turn everything on its head.

Chapter 1 Top Training RICHIE WEST

Chapter 5 Workout COLE BLUE

Chapter 1 Top Training Danny Wilcoxx

Chapter 1 Topping My Coach MARCUS RIVERS

Chapter 1 Top Training JACK BAILEY

Chapter 3 Tag Team TEAM PLAY

Chapter 1 Top Tryout ELI BENNET

Chapter 6 Getting an Assist TAG TEAM