Director Steele is an important man with a lot on his mind. He runs a busy athletic camp that constantly needs his attention. Not only do the young men themselves need assistance, but the hot, young crew he's hired also need his guidance and attention! The only thing he rarely has time for is getting his own needs met.

As a handsome, tall, muscular silver daddy, he's used to having young guys practically beg to have their asses fucked hard by his big daddy dick. But sometimes, he just needs a smooth, lean top to help him relax by pounding him bareback hard and breeding him deep!

Chapter 2 Top Tryout AUSTIN YOUNG

Doctor Wolf has known Austin for quite a while. During camp physicals Austin has shared much of his sexual history, even his hopes for his sexual future!... [read more]

Chapter 1 New Recruit FELIX MAZE

Mornings at camp are usually pretty quiet. Just the sounds of early birds chirping, the rustling of trees, and the first pots of coffee beginning to boil.... [read more]

Chapter 2 Top Training FELIX MAZE

Felix walked away from his first session with Director Steele feeling like he was 100 feet tall. Even though he stands nearly a foot shorter than the handsome... [read more]

Chapter 1 Felix's All Play ALL PLAY

Felix found that he wasn’t alone in enjoying the tight, meaty hole of a dady bottom! After speaking with his friend, Austin, he was surprised to find... [read more]

Chapter 2 Top Instruction LUKAS STONE

Dallas Steele can see a lot of himself in Lukas. The younger guy has a flirty confidence that makes him seem bigger than his stature would indicate. And... [read more]

Chapter 5 Sports Camp Newbie AUSTIN YOUNG

Austin was no stranger to the handsome director, but he still couldn’t believe how handsome he was! Dallas stood nearly a foot taller than himself, with... [read more]

Chapter 4 Extra Innings TAG TEAM

Sports Camp can be hard on the body of a young twink, and that’s why it’s important the boys find time to relax and unwind. When they’re not training... [read more]