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With his sparkling smile and lean body, Cameron Basinger is not only hung with heavy, club-like cock that’s thicker near the head, he knows how to use his meat to really stretch a guy out. Cameron takes his physical fitness seriously and it shows in the form of ripped abs, tight muscles, a bubble butt built from a lot of squats. His torso sees a lot of sun from trying to catch coach’s eye by always volunteering for the skins team during drills.

Coach has always been his inspiration for fitness growing up and it’s no wonder Cameron can be found staying late after practice to help clean up the locker rooms and set up for the next week’s activities. That’s also the perfect time to pilfer sports bags for jockstraps. He loves seeing the other guys flop around in their shorts after he’s hidden their jocks. Cameron’s had his eye on coach’s bag recently and really wants to see what that bulge looks like out of its pouch. Maybe he’ll take coach’s jock for his own personal collection.

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Jack started participating in sports because he wanted the kind of attention he saw bigger, burlier guys getting. Little did he know that those bigger, burlier guys secretly wanted a guy like Jack to put them in their places! Once he knew their secret, though, Jack was more than eager to give those jocks what they wanted: him, hard and raw. The look of unbridled lust on his face is enough to make every bottom shoot, and his dick piston-fucking them will finish the job!


Baseball, football, wrestling—as long as Maxx is getting sweaty and physical, he’s in! And that extends off the field too, where this young, hung jock is more than happy to flip the tables on the bigger men in his life and show them just what a twink top is capable of. Maxx is a coky guy, but noone can argue with him about it because he’s hot enough to warrant it. Every top daddy he meets is ready to drop to all fours for him. And that’s just how he likes it.


This dark-haired jock loves two things: playing hard on the field and fucking hard off it. And there’s nothing he likes more than pounding a horny older muscle man, pinning the bigger guy down with his wiry strength and hearing him whimper as Marcus slams into him again and again. Fr Marcus, winning the championship is neck and neck with seeing the submissive lust in an older man’s eyes in terms of pure pleasure. Luckily, Marcus has plenty of chances to experience both.


Ian has never really stood out among his peers. Mostly, because he stands at only 5’4″ tall! And when you couple that with a shy, timid personality, he’s often overlooked by the larger world. But despite all of this, he still has needs! Most people don’t see him as a top, but just like any other red-blooded young male, he has the need to breed deep in his bones. He dreams of finding a sexy daddy eager to bend over and take his hard, unwrapped cock!

When he starts thrusting, it’s hard for him to think of anything more satisfying. Always eager to show that even the smallest of little guys can excel on top… All he needs is a chance up at bat!


Mark is an All-American boy. Handsome, active, friendly, and fit. He works hard and trains even harder, making him a perfect specimen of discipline and athleticism! And like all other all-star athletes, he needs to decompress after an intense week!

With his testosterone fueled up and his jock getting tight, nothing gets him worked up like a big, manly ass on older daddy. Seeing his sexy coach in his short shorts and whistle makes him rock hard, desperate to fuck and bust out a load. He’s done all he can to make a good impression with him, hoping to get what he’s earned!


Lucas is a boyish young man with a smooth body and sweet, innocent-looking face. But while he might seem lean and petite, he has a throbbing, veiny cock that’s impossible to ignore! Tightly held in his jock strap, every other man can see what he’s sporting and is curious to try it out. For his part, Lucas has his sights set on the handsome older men he sees around the sports club. He often fantasizes about his coach and trainer, hoping to get the chance to see what they’re packing in return. And from the looks he gets from them, it seems it’s only a matter of time…


Marcus is a bit shy. He may be soft-spoken, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have desires just like everyone else! And nothing turns him on like a hot, handsome daddy… All his life he’s been a bottom, but as he’s gotten older and more sure of himself, he feels the need to breed take over him more and more!

And while he may want to try experiencing sex as top, his interest in big, beefy daddies hasn’t changed. Luckily, the more time he spends with his coach and teammates, the more he sees plenty of opportunities to break out of his shell and get his dick deep in hot, daddy hole!


Cole is a little bigger than most of his peers. He’s tall, muscular, and blessed with a big, meaty cock! Not only is he a solid athlete, but he’s also completely gorgeous. Both boys and girls have been trying to sleep with him his whole life, and he has no complaints about it. The more he spends time with the boys at his camp, the more he feels himself hungry for something more. As a counselor, he’s used to being in charge and getting his cock sucked by anyone he wants. But being around young, twinky guys all day, he can’t help watching them; imagining their legs thrusting their bulging meat into his ass, filling him up, and dominating his hole. He jerks off thinking about it all the time, ready for a little guy to take control and fuck him good!


Lukas knows he’s hot stuff! He’s been the big man on campus his whole life. He loves showing off, fooling around with his guy friends, and showing off his big dick whenever he can. He may not be the most muscular or biggest, but he’s got a cocky attitude and a heavy set of balls that make him feel like a king! And it’s not like people don’t respond in turn… He loves getting his dick sucked and plowing a big, meaty, durable ass with his big tool. The way he likes to fuck, the bigger the bottom the better! Lately he’s been eyeing other members of his team, including his beefy, muscular coach. He loves the idea of making a big daddy beg for his load, sliding his cock inside, and fucking him like a champ. There’s nothing he can’t achieve if he puts his mind to it, and next on the agenda: a round, hairy man ass!

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