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Coach Angus is all about guidance and training. He loves being a father figure to many of the young guys he works with each year, hoping they know that they can come to him for any reason. With his big, furry chest, beard with hints of salt and pepper, and massive legs, he's often seen as a big muscly teddy bear. And while he's happy to smack their asses as they come off the field, most of them can't help but wish for more. Indeed neither can he.

He fantasizes about his young, smooth players building up a sweat as they play their hardest! He sees these young guys as being in their prime, ready to take on the world and try new things. He can't help but sniff their sweaty jocks, thinking of their cocks getting hard after a good game, needing something to fuck and release into. He fantasizes about his players loading up his strong, hairy, muscle ass, and showing his boys a good time. After all, he's their coach, and he's going to be there for whatever they need!


Lucas is a boyish young man with a smooth body and sweet, innocent-looking face. But while he might seem lean and petite, he has a throbbing, veiny cock that's impossible to ignore! Tightly held in his jock strap, every other man can see what he's sporting and is curious to try it out. For his part, Lucas has his sights set on the handsome older men he sees around the sports club. He often fantasizes about his coach and trainer, hoping to get the chance to see what they're packing in return. And from the looks he gets from them, it seems it's only a matter of time...