Chapter 5 Workout COLE BLUE

Not every coach has the natural familiarity and friendliness of Coach Charger. He can push young men to their limits, helping them achieve their full ...potential, all while giving them a smile and a pat on the back that makes them feel like champions. He never shows disappointment or frustration. He’s in it for every young man he encounters. Cole is exactly the kind of athlete he loves to coach. Tall, naturally gifted, but doesn’t let that cheapen his exercises. Just like anyone else, Cole works hard for his body, and Coach Charger can see his efforts. The sweat equity of his time means more than any natural physique or genetics, and Cole doesn’t shy away from a hard workout. When the young man’s routine was done, Charger was quick to check in on his muscles, wanting to make sure they’re well stretched and worked. Things can tighten up over time and Coach Charger doesn’t want any of his athletes getting injured. Of course, this meant removing the boy’s shorts to massage his legs. Getting himself on all fours, Coach Charger began by massaging Cole’s thighs, just above the knee and working upward. The heat coming off of the young man’s body was impressive, indicative of a good pump. As he moved up closer, he could see Cole’s testicles practically hanging out of jockstrap, unable to be contained by the stretchy knit fabric. A heady fragrance came off of Cole’s crotch, filling the older man’s nostrils and lungs with the potent scent of the sweaty jock. Coach Charger knew it well. It was the scent of excellence. Of perseverance. Of championship. When a young man pushes himself just right, he leaves a pheromonal trail of his accomplishment, starting from his loins and cascading through the air. He was mere inches from the source, driving the silver daddy wild. He couldn’t help but run his hand over Cole’s balls, seeing them continue to fall from their pouch. Coach Charger complimented him on his impressive nuts, noting their size and weight. When Cole gave him a blushing smile, he took that as his opportunity to move in for a closer look. He cradled them in his fingers delicately, feeling their mass in his hands. Then, overcome by the fragrance, he leaned in to give them a kiss. Cole’s cock shot up in his jock as Coach Charger’s warm, smooth lips made contact with his balls. The breath that he released tickled the hairs, exciting him from his taint to the tip. Cole watched with wide eyes, dying to see what his coach would do next. And then, with a hungry, ravenous approach, the bearded man took his balls in his mouth and began to lap at them, sucking them into his mouth as if he were trying to drink up every drop of his sweat. Cole loved every second of it. He watched as the coach looked up at him, as if waiting for Cole to protest, pleased to see the young man’s mouth fall open with pleasure and his eyes beginning for more. Charger took the boy’s cock out of his jockstrap, stroking it in his hand before taking it all in his mouth. It was as musky and sweaty as his balls, but somehow all the more delicious. Beads of precum began to appear on the tip, immediately sucked down by the older man. Cole could have sat there all day getting his cock sucked by the handsome, furry, silver fox, but Coach Charger was keen on getting more than just a mouthful. Standing up and removing his clothes, the older man presented his beautiful, muscular body to his well-worked athlete. He knew he deserved a reward for his workout and he had the perfect thing to give his well-hung jock: his bare, hairy, tight hole… [Read more]

Chapter 1 Top Training Danny Wilcoxx

When Danny first went out for the team, he was a bit of a runt. Not only was he on the shorter side at 5’4”, but he was pretty scrawny and uncoord...inated. But that didn’t stop him from trying his best to grow and improve. After months of working out, training, and getting more and more comfortable with the coaches, Danny had shot up from being a glorified bench warmer to being a rising star. He still had some ways to go before making varsity, but Coach Charger could see his potential. Danny was putting in the time with him at the gym, leading to many intimate moments between the two of them. Coach Charger was unsure of what kind of connection the two of them had, but one day working out on the weight bench, the older man got a good glimpse of Danny’s intentions. When Charger was about to get under the weight bar and do a set, he could see up Danny’s tiny shorts into his crotch. The young man neglected to wear any underwear that day, giving the older man a peek at his crotch. And as he looked up, he could see Danny’s eyes meet his. It was clear Danny wanted him to look, causing the two of them to get a rise in their trunks. Nothing happened that day, but Coach Charger couldn’t get his mind off the sexy little guy. The next time they were together, he made sure to take advantage of the signals he was putting out. After a workout, the two of them were cooling down and admiring each other’s bodies. Danny wasn’t used to that kind of attention, still thinking of himself as the pipsqueak that was never picked first. But now he had the full gaze of the handsome silver daddy, playing with his body and getting him all excited. Coach Charger’s body definitely got Danny worked up. The experienced, well toned muscle was covered in a salt and pepper fur and tattoos, giving him a hard edge of masculinity that the younger man had only ever dreamed of. The older man kept telling him how handsome and sexy he was, and before long, Danny started to believe him. And when Coach Charger dropped to his knees to start kissing his crotch, the young man was completely in shock, amazed that a man like him was interested in a boy like himself. Coach Charger sniffed at his crotch, taking in the scent of his sweaty balls before pulling down his shorts to give it a taste. Danny was fully erect, practically trembling with sexual energy at the thought of getting with the handsome daddy. By the time Coach Charger took his member into his mouth, Danny could hardly keep standing. Danny loved how it felt to have his dick sucked. His throbbing cock was easily 8” in size, seeming even bigger given his short stature. But Coach Charger took it down his throat with a deep hunger, reveling in the young man’s size and youthful energy. He could tell Danny was new to this kind of worship, which made it all the more exciting. Coach Charger knew Danny needed to get inside his hole, to feel his tight ass wrapped around his meat and to enjoy the fruits of his labors by breeding his coach. The look in Danny’s eyes suggested that he had never considered it before, but Charger knew that was part of his job: to help young men discover themselves. Coach Charger pulled out a cushion and positioned himself down on all fours, removing his shorts to reveal his tight jockstrap and furry, muscle cheeks. Danny dropped to his knees behind him, tasting him and licking him like he was born to eat ass. Charger felt his cock begin to leak, thinking of the deep dicking he was about to get, immensely proud of the little guy behind him. Danny’s hands and face were completely eclipsed by his round glutes, but the coach knew the dick the boy sported was sure to make Danny feel ten feet tall. Sure enough, when the young man mounted up behind his coach, Charger could sense a confidence and bravery that Danny had been building up for all those months. This was his time. And this was his ass. And Danny was going to fuck his coach like a champ… [Read more]

Chapter 2 Getting Pumped JACK BAILEY

Dolf looks like a badass, but he’s really a big softy at heart. He’s got the energy of a supportive big brother that motivates his athletes to pus...h themselves. Despite being a 6’6” giant and looking like a total DILF, he loves being able to relate with the younger guys and make them feel comfortable. This was especially helpful for Jack. When he first met the big guy, he saw his complete opposite. Jack had a fairer complexion, looked like a little boy, and had no sense of what he was doing in his exercises. As much as he was intimidated by the older man, he wanted to impress him as well. So much of Jack’s personality was wrapped in wanting to succeed and be seen as achieving. With that, he gave it his all in their training session. Dolf put him through the usual routine: stretches, cardio, situps, pushups, pullups, etc. He wanted to get a sense of what the young man’s baseline was so he could track his progress. He wanted to go easy on the younger guy, but found Jack’s eagerness to continue unflappable. Even as Jack began to get sweaty and winded, he seemed to need Dolf to tell him to stop. The older man admired his determination… as well as the pump the young guy was getting. Dolf is no stranger to getting a hot young guy naked, and Jack was exactly his type. He loved his bright smile and pleasant demeanor, finding himself crushing on him harder and harder as the session progressed. Once Jack couldn’t take anymore, he let the boy cool off, sitting beside him and showering him with compliments and encouragement. Jack loved it. He loved hearing the positive feedback from his trainer, but also found himself increasingly attracted to him. Once he realized he wasn’t as scary as he first imagined, he saw the exuberant, friendly, even playful personality of the older trainer. Dolf pressed his hands on Jack’s chest, feeling for the swelling and pump of his young muscles. It was common for him to do so with his athletes, but when it came to Jack, his own heart started racing as if he’d done a series of pushups. The chemistry between them seemed to increase with each passing second. As Dolf’s hands moved over Jack’s body, Jack opened himself up to allow the older man to explore further. Dolf was not shy about putting his big hands up Jack’s thighs to feel his groin. Jack was rock hard within seconds, tenting up his shorts in a way that Dolf could not ignore. Dolf brought Jack in close, feeling up his chest before telling him to take off his shirt. Jack did without hesitation. Seeing Jack’s response, he asked him to take off his shorts as well. Jack’s cock swelled up even tighter as he got down to just his jock. He didn’t anticipate anything like this happening, but he was more than happy to see where things could go… [Read more]

Chapter 7 Watching the Game TAG TEAM

Watching the game on TV can be a pretty intense experience, especially when the team you support is playing like a bunch of amateurs! Last Saturda...y, I had Tom, Eric and Cole over and, a little unusually, we were joined by Principal Figata, which meant we had to be on our best behavior. The game was predictably disastrous. Useful, I guess, because the boys could see where the players were messing up and hopefully avoid falling into the same traps when they’re next on the field. I’ll confess; there’s something about watching a really tense game with a group of boys that always makes me a little horny. You’re there, surrounded by these guys who are probably fitter than they’ll be at any other stage of their life, the testosterone starts pumping, and then the blood starts flowing to all the most exciting places! There was this really crazy moment when everyone fell completely silent and I could tell we were all thinking the same thing. Principal Figata included. I could sense the boys looking around at each other, checking out the bulges in their shorts, seeing if anyone else was stirring in the same way. We were obviously all still pretending to watch the game, but it was pretty clear we were far more interested in what was going on in the room. Eric was subtly touching himself and rather brazenly looking at the principal. Tom and Cole kept glancing down at my crotch. God, if I could have bottled the electricity in the room at that moment, I’d have made myself a fortune! Figata had his eyes glued to the screen, but turned around at one point and noticed Eric looking at him. A couple of moments later, Eric put his hand on the principal’s shoulder. It seemed quite brave and forward to me, but Figata just smiled and put his hand on the boy’s knee. I’ll confess to being a little surprised! Moments later, Figata was kneeling between Eric’s legs and pulling the boy’s shorts down so that he could suck his beautiful hard dick. The TV was suddenly a great deal less interesting. There was a real life porn movie going on in my sitting room! Then I felt Cole’s hand rubbing my thigh and, before I knew it, I was between his legs, pulling his shorts down, sucking his beautiful hard dick! The sitting room was now a seething, slurping sex den. Tom sidled over and I had two tasty teenaged tools to service with my greedy mouth. I was in my freakin’ element! I could hear Eric groaning and whimpering at the other end of the couch, plainly in a state of pure ecstasy. Principal Figata was obviously dusting off some of his very best moves! The dirty bastard kept choking! We swapped places so that I could have a go on Eric. I’ve always had my eye on that cute little freckled ginger boy and couldn’t quite believe that I finally had my lips wrapped around his hard dick. Figata and I stripped down to our jocks and squatted on the couch. Eric had his tongue inside my hole in seconds; plainly no stranger to sex. Cole was then down on his knees getting Principal Figata good and wet. Then Tom was sitting on the back of the couch, thrusting his giant dick into my mouth. It was mad! Cole suddenly sprang to his feet and started posting his massive dick into the Principal’s tight hole. Eric followed suit and began to pump his cock into me at a speed which almost took my breath away. I kept trying to imagine how good his cute little bubble butt would have looked from behind, thrusting in and out of me. At that moment, I glanced over at Cole and saw he was banging the Principal pretty hard too. These boys, eh? Endless energy and stamina. We might have to try to harness a bit of that for their next game! [Read more]

Chapter 3 Getting Pumped COLE BLUE

Coach Thirio only takes the most select athletes. He has personal training clients from all over the world who come to him to improve their performanc...e, getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Because of that, he expects his athletes to really push themselves. His time is valuable, and the one thing he can’t stand for is wasted potential. Cole has proven himself more than capable in many areas to his coaching team. They see that potential in him. And as such, Cole has begun a rigorous exercise program with the no-nonsense coach, eager to see how his body develops. Coach Thirio is beautifully sculpted. He’d seem carved from marble were it not for his sexy caramel tan. Every contour and curve of his body is expertly crafted and shaped to deliver not only peak performance but perfect aesthetics. And that’s all before he puts on the whistle and puts his athletes to work. Cole had never spent so much time in the gym. Leg day, arm day, core, squats, HIT, again and again. He started to become accustomed to being short of breath around the handsome man. Despite Thirio saying they can break whenever he needs it, Cole was determined to impress his teacher. That effort didn’t go unnoticed. Coach Thirio was keenly aware of just how hard Cole was pushing himself. He would never let him go too hard too fast, but he was very pleased with his attitude and stamina. Of course, he loved seeing a handsome young guy working out his body. Especially when they had the package that Cole was trying his best to conceal. It doesn’t matter how tight a jockstrap can be, Coach Thirio has seen hundreds of men’s crotches in the gym and is very aware when they’re as well endowed as Cole. Occasionally, he even got a whiff of the boy’s muskiness when he was in close proximity to his sweaty nuts, making the older man’s mouth water. It took a few weeks before they’d developed a close rapport, but Thirio was quickly seeing Cole as his favorite athlete. He put him through the usual routine of curls and squats, impressed with the rate of progress. But it was at the end of the session that Coach Thirio couldn’t hide his desire anymore. As he was stretching out Cole, feeling his muscles and extending his body, he got another whiff of that aromatic man scent. It was enough to make the nipples on his smooth pecs stand up and his sphincter clench. He swallowed down saliva as he continued to give encouraging feedback, all the while thinking of the young man’s massive cock beneath his shorts. It was clear Cole was becoming more comfortable with him, smiling at his jocks and taking to his touch without reservation. He welcomed the intimacy. And Coach Thirio could tell it was his moment. Seeing a rise in Cole’s shorts, he gave it a friendly pat. Cole didn’t shy away, seemingly comfortable with his junk being handled by the older muscle daddy. Coach Thirio slowly pulled down the band of his shorts, seeing the white mesh cup of the jockstrap practically overflowing with Cole’s manhood. The coach took out the boy’s shaft, seeing it extend out even further than he’d imagined it would. It was long, thick, veiny, and pink, glistening in a light sheen of earned sweat. Coach Thirio immediately brought it to his mouth, tasting the delicious nectar of his body, savoring the feel and flavor of his member. Cole couldn’t believe that such a handsome, muscular man would be swallowing up his cock like that. He’d admired the coach's smooth, round ass for weeks in his tight lycra shorts, catching a glimpse of just how perfectly it was shaped. Cole moved the older man to the couch, pulling off his training shorts and getting a close up look at the tan, buttery globes. He tugged on the older man’s cock before dipping his tongue deep between the cheeks. They had a sweaty taste as well, enough to drive the young hung stud wild. With a little bit of spit on the sphincter, Cole lined his cock up with the coach’s hole, feeling it’s warmth radiate out, as if calling him to go in further. Coach Thirio arched his back, presenting his beautiful ass to the young top, eagerly anticipating the moment he would break through. His mouth watered, his breath heavy, and suddenly, he felt the smooth, blunt end of Cole’s cock... [Read more]


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