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Chapter 7 Watching the Game TAG TEAM

Watching the game on TV can be a pretty intense experience, especially when the team you support is playing like a bunch of amateurs! Last Saturda...y, I had Tom, Eric and Cole over and, a little unusually, we were joined by Principal Figata, which meant we had to be on our best behavior. The game was predictably disastrous. Useful, I guess, because the boys could see where the players were messing up and hopefully avoid falling into the same traps when they’re next on the field. I’ll confess; there’s something about watching a really tense game with a group of boys that always makes me a little horny. You’re there, surrounded by these guys who are probably fitter than they’ll be at any other stage of their life, the testosterone starts pumping, and then the blood starts flowing to all the most exciting places! There was this really crazy moment when everyone fell completely silent and I could tell we were all thinking the same thing. Principal Figata included. I could sense the boys looking around at each other, checking out the bulges in their shorts, seeing if anyone else was stirring in the same way. We were obviously all still pretending to watch the game, but it was pretty clear we were far more interested in what was going on in the room. Eric was subtly touching himself and rather brazenly looking at the principal. Tom and Cole kept glancing down at my crotch. God, if I could have bottled the electricity in the room at that moment, I’d have made myself a fortune! Figata had his eyes glued to the screen, but turned around at one point and noticed Eric looking at him. A couple of moments later, Eric put his hand on the principal’s shoulder. It seemed quite brave and forward to me, but Figata just smiled and put his hand on the boy’s knee. I’ll confess to being a little surprised! Moments later, Figata was kneeling between Eric’s legs and pulling the boy’s shorts down so that he could suck his beautiful hard dick. The TV was suddenly a great deal less interesting. There was a real life porn movie going on in my sitting room! Then I felt Cole’s hand rubbing my thigh and, before I knew it, I was between his legs, pulling his shorts down, sucking his beautiful hard dick! The sitting room was now a seething, slurping sex den. Tom sidled over and I had two tasty teenaged tools to service with my greedy mouth. I was in my freakin’ element! I could hear Eric groaning and whimpering at the other end of the couch, plainly in a state of pure ecstasy. Principal Figata was obviously dusting off some of his very best moves! The dirty bastard kept choking! We swapped places so that I could have a go on Eric. I’ve always had my eye on that cute little freckled ginger boy and couldn’t quite believe that I finally had my lips wrapped around his hard dick. Figata and I stripped down to our jocks and squatted on the couch. Eric had his tongue inside my hole in seconds; plainly no stranger to sex. Cole was then down on his knees getting Principal Figata good and wet. Then Tom was sitting on the back of the couch, thrusting his giant dick into my mouth. It was mad! Cole suddenly sprang to his feet and started posting his massive dick into the Principal’s tight hole. Eric followed suit and began to pump his cock into me at a speed which almost took my breath away. I kept trying to imagine how good his cute little bubble butt would have looked from behind, thrusting in and out of me. At that moment, I glanced over at Cole and saw he was banging the Principal pretty hard too. These boys, eh? Endless energy and stamina. We might have to try to harness a bit of that for their next game! [Read more]

Chapter 3 Getting Pumped COLE BLUE

Coach Thirio only takes the most select athletes. He has personal training clients from all over the world who come to him to improve their performanc...e, getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Because of that, he expects his athletes to really push themselves. His time is valuable, and the one thing he can’t stand for is wasted potential. Cole has proven himself more than capable in many areas to his coaching team. They see that potential in him. And as such, Cole has begun a rigorous exercise program with the no-nonsense coach, eager to see how his body develops. Coach Thirio is beautifully sculpted. He’d seem carved from marble were it not for his sexy caramel tan. Every contour and curve of his body is expertly crafted and shaped to deliver not only peak performance but perfect aesthetics. And that’s all before he puts on the whistle and puts his athletes to work. Cole had never spent so much time in the gym. Leg day, arm day, core, squats, HIT, again and again. He started to become accustomed to being short of breath around the handsome man. Despite Thirio saying they can break whenever he needs it, Cole was determined to impress his teacher. That effort didn’t go unnoticed. Coach Thirio was keenly aware of just how hard Cole was pushing himself. He would never let him go too hard too fast, but he was very pleased with his attitude and stamina. Of course, he loved seeing a handsome young guy working out his body. Especially when they had the package that Cole was trying his best to conceal. It doesn’t matter how tight a jockstrap can be, Coach Thirio has seen hundreds of men’s crotches in the gym and is very aware when they’re as well endowed as Cole. Occasionally, he even got a whiff of the boy’s muskiness when he was in close proximity to his sweaty nuts, making the older man’s mouth water. It took a few weeks before they’d developed a close rapport, but Thirio was quickly seeing Cole as his favorite athlete. He put him through the usual routine of curls and squats, impressed with the rate of progress. But it was at the end of the session that Coach Thirio couldn’t hide his desire anymore. As he was stretching out Cole, feeling his muscles and extending his body, he got another whiff of that aromatic man scent. It was enough to make the nipples on his smooth pecs stand up and his sphincter clench. He swallowed down saliva as he continued to give encouraging feedback, all the while thinking of the young man’s massive cock beneath his shorts. It was clear Cole was becoming more comfortable with him, smiling at his jocks and taking to his touch without reservation. He welcomed the intimacy. And Coach Thirio could tell it was his moment. Seeing a rise in Cole’s shorts, he gave it a friendly pat. Cole didn’t shy away, seemingly comfortable with his junk being handled by the older muscle daddy. Coach Thirio slowly pulled down the band of his shorts, seeing the white mesh cup of the jockstrap practically overflowing with Cole’s manhood. The coach took out the boy’s shaft, seeing it extend out even further than he’d imagined it would. It was long, thick, veiny, and pink, glistening in a light sheen of earned sweat. Coach Thirio immediately brought it to his mouth, tasting the delicious nectar of his body, savoring the feel and flavor of his member. Cole couldn’t believe that such a handsome, muscular man would be swallowing up his cock like that. He’d admired the coach's smooth, round ass for weeks in his tight lycra shorts, catching a glimpse of just how perfectly it was shaped. Cole moved the older man to the couch, pulling off his training shorts and getting a close up look at the tan, buttery globes. He tugged on the older man’s cock before dipping his tongue deep between the cheeks. They had a sweaty taste as well, enough to drive the young hung stud wild. With a little bit of spit on the sphincter, Cole lined his cock up with the coach’s hole, feeling it’s warmth radiate out, as if calling him to go in further. Coach Thirio arched his back, presenting his beautiful ass to the young top, eagerly anticipating the moment he would break through. His mouth watered, his breath heavy, and suddenly, he felt the smooth, blunt end of Cole’s cock... [Read more]

Chapter 1 Topping My Coach MARCUS RIVERS

Coach Charger eyed Marcus as he sat and chatted with him. Marcus has been recommended for a number of recognitions and scholarship opportunities based... on his athletic prowess, but Charger had to see what more there was beneath the player. Marcus didn’t know how to impress the older man. His stunning, silver hair and tan, muscular physique was well known for making the other boys obsess. In many ways, Marcus was just the average, friendly, student and athlete. But for Coach Charger, he saw potential in him… a lot of potential. The coach began to inquire about his interests and pursuits, finding Marcus being more or less unsure of himself. He tried to boost up his confidence, even commenting about his well his body was taking the extra practices and exercises. Marcus blushed, but he liked the attention he was getting. Coach Charger was idolized, so to get a compliment from him was no small thing. Marcus like it so much, he didn’t even bat an eye when the older man asked him to take off his shirt. Marcus peeled off his top layer, giving the older man a look at his body. Coach Charger was always mentoring the boys on how to get bigger and stronger, but the way he touched Marcus, it was clear his interests were more than just athletic. Marcus felt himself getting hard, aroused at the older man’s forwardness and approach. He had often wondered what he looked like under his clothes, stripped down to his jock and whistle. He even fantasized about bending the coach over and giving his prominent muscle butt a deep kiss and tongue fucking... [Read more]

Chapter 1 Top Training JACK BAILEY

From the outside, Jack’s household seems perfectly ordinary. Close-knit, loving family with a handsome, all-star athlete boy. And in many ways, this... is true. But what people might not assume is just how close-knit Jack is to the men in the family… particularly his grandpa, Lance. Grandpa Lance has always taken a special interest in Jack. The young man’s bright, sunny smile always puts the older man in the best mood. For Lance, so much of his joy came from how much he reminded him of his son, Jack’s father. Lance loved being there for his son when he was growing up. And back then, Lance was busy being a business owner and community leader. He didn’t have a lot of time for his son, something he deeply regretted. When Jack came into the picture, he swore to make sure Jack had all the attention he could ask for, giving him every bit of encouragement and advice possible. Of course, Jack was much more than just his son’s kid. As he got older and developed into a young man, Lance couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. Even sexy. Something about his wide-eyed innocence matched with his familiar good looks made Jack hungry for him in a way he hadn’t imagined. Their first kiss came as a bit of a surprise. The two were embracing each other after a holiday when the two were uncharacteristically flirty and close. The rest of the family had started to go to bed, but Lance and Jack were up laughing and messing around, becoming unaware of the late-night hour. It was quick at first, then the second was somehow longer and deeper. Jack had never kissed a boy before--or a man, for that matter--so he was naturally confused by all the emotions he was feeling. It felt nice. Strange and unexpected. He didn’t know if it was because it was his grandpa or because it was his first. He couldn’t deny that he was attracted to the older man. How could he not? Grandpa Lance was the definition of silver fox, well built, successful, friendly, and warm as a wool blanket. He even smelled like firewood… something Jack had not noticed until that moment, but never forgot after. The two went to bed separately, not going any further. The rest of the family didn’t know what happened, but Jack waited for the chance to kiss him again. Months later, Jack found himself on the eve of a first date. He was excited and nervous, as young men are, sitting in his room and waiting for the day to carry on it’s slow march. He couldn’t get out of his head, thinking about all the ways he could mess up and embarrass himself. He was so distracted, he barely noticed Grandpa Lance enter his room. He was dressed impeccably, clearly coming from the office after work. It wasn’t uncommon for Grandpa Lance to show up to the house, but very rarely did Jack and he find themselves alone. Lance closed the door behind him, locking eyes with his grandson, and feeling his chest fill up pride. Lance said he heard about Jack’s date and wanted to give him a bit of pep talk. Jack’s face cracked the biggest smile, feeling his nervous subside with his grandpa there. Jack was expecting advice on how to open doors and be polite, but the handsome man caught him off guard by asking a direct question. “Have you ever had sex before?” Jack’s face flushed red. He didn’t know what to say that would sound right, so he just told the truth that he hadn’t. Lance smiled, feeling a mixture of relief as well as excitement. He liked being able to help his boy out with such a momentous occasion. And the idea that it was his first time only made it all the more special. Lance took off his jacket, revealing his bulging muscles tightly wrapped in his fine, collared shirt. Jack never got over how beefy the older man was, putting many younger men to shame. Seeing him begin to unbutton his sleeves and shirt, Jack found himself at a loss for words. “Do you want some pointers?” Grandpa Lance asked, already beginning to remove his clothes. Jack could hardly believe what he was hearing and seeing. It became pretty apparent that this was not going to be a usual birds and bees conversation, nor was it going to be purely theoretical. Grandpa Lance told Jack to start by taking off his clothes, which the boy eagerly jumped to the edge of the bed to help. His fingers quickly and excitedly finished the last of the buttons and the dress shirt fell off with ease. As Jack looked up, he saw the beautiful spread of soft white hair across Lance’s muscular chest, his well developed pecs pushing out freely and making him look even bigger than before. As Jack’s eyes went wide and his mouth fell open, he took in the scent of that firewood… and he was in heaven. With Lance’s permission, Jack took a handful of the older man’s member, still concealed in his underwear. It was big and warm, plenty thick and growing harder as he touched. Lance guided him to his nipples. Jack teased them before taking them into his mouth. His soft, full lips pressed onto them, feeling the silky fur of his chest caress his face. Lance repeated under his breath “good boy, that’s my boy” as Jack navigated his body, seeing Jack’s cock begin to tent up his shorts. Lance wanted to show Jack exactly what he needed to know. Taking off his underwear, Lance got up on the bed and spread his legs apart, giving Jack a look at his hairy, bare ass and tight hole. Jack gazed at the man’s backside, never having seen something so beautiful. Everything he’d seen in porn and in life was all smooth skin twinks. But here was a man like he’d never seen, in the flesh, and ready for him to explore. Lance taught him how to rim his ass, relaxing and tightening his sphincter on the tip of the young man’s tongue, giving plenty of encouragement and guidance on how to properly loosen him up. Jack couldn’t believe he was tasting his grandpa’s hole, but everything about how it looked, tasted, and felt was amazing. He could have stayed with his face planted between his fuzzy cheeks for hours, but his throbbing cock was becoming too much to bear, and Grandpa Lance was keen to feel it deep in his hole... [Read more]

Chapter 3 Tag Team TEAM PLAY

The sexual energy of a healthy young man can’t be underestimated or unappreciated. These guys are are at their physical peak and are surging with ho...rmones and pheromones that make them eager to fuck. Tom Bentley is no exception. The handsome jock catches the attention of almost everyone he encounters, but the older male leaders at his school have a special liking for him. His principal and coaches, especially, can't get enough of his beautiful body and spirit, making them absolutely ravenous for the chance to taste his cock. After Coach Cox told his colleagues of the amazing fuck he had with Tom, Principal Ballard and Coach Charger couldn’t wait for a chance to give up their holes to him as well. Tom jumped at the opportunity to take on the three men at once, happy to play out his fantasy of being the top to a group of hungry, horny, handsome daddies. Fresh from a practice and a bit worked up and sweaty, the three men immediately began to paw at the boy’s body, feeling his youthful muscles as they got big whiffs of his musky scent. He had the woody fragrance of a champion, something that made them all horny as hell. They pulled off his pants and underwear as he stood tall, enjoying the attention and worship that came from being the hot young top among them. He watched as they took turns swallowing his growing cock, tasting his tight hole, and kneeling around him like a king. It excited him to see these powerful, matured, muscular men all serving him. When he ordered them onto the couch, he saw them obey him like they’d never done before. It was always his place to follow their orders and instructions. Now, these men would do anything he asked them to, all for the chance to get his hard cock and load up their holes. He couldn’t help but admire them, still. He respected the hell out of these men, perhaps even more that they were bending over and showing him their big, firm daddy asses. One by one, he gave them a firm squeeze. They had the size and strength of men who had worked hard all their lives; bigger and rounder than anything he saw on men his own age. As he slid his cock between Principal Ballard’s muscular cheeks, he saw his cock disappear into his hole, feeling the administrator’s hole wrap tightly around his unsheathed manhood. It was unreal to be fucking his principal. All the times he’d thought about playing by the rules and making a good impression, he never once imagined it would lead to the older man whispering “more” through his deep, pleasure-laden moans. Tom kept looking down, holding his hips and feeling his balls swell up with cum. Whenever he looked up, he saw the proud gazes of his coaches encouraging him to keep going. It was a heady experience, but one that Tom did not intend to end too soon. Pulling his cock out of Principal Ballard’s hole, he proceeded to bend Coach Charger over in a similar fashion. The silver-bearded muscle daddy arched his back and presented his backside like he was made for fucking. And as Tom pulled off his shorts and saw his furry, round ass and tight hole, he knew that Charger had built himself a body exactly for that. Coach Charger took Tom’s bare cock with some difficulty, letting out a loud grunt as his hole split apart and took the young man’s cock. He was tighter than Tom imagined, but his insides massaged the boy’s shaft perfectly. Tom could have lost his nut right then and there, but he knew he had one more hole to go. Seeing Coach Cox’s smooth, toned ass positioned right beside Charger, Tom immediately flashed back to what it was like to fuck him before. He knew he could unload into him and give him every drop of his prime, youthful cum and he would still beg for more. Giving a few decisive pushes into his gut, Tom’s cock once again dominated the older man’s body, making him submit to his need to breed... [Read more]


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