Chapter 7 The Magic Touch TOM BENTLEY

Tom Bentley is definitely the joker on his team. He takes very little seriously, which frustrates the crap out of his coaches, largely because he’s ...a naturally-talented athlete who’d be brilliant if he’d only knuckle down and take the game seriously. Coach Marko is new to the team, and, as such, is the latest in a long line of coaches who’ve noticed the boy’s potential and think they can inspire him to be better. But that’s not Tom’s only problem. Because he’s not focused on what he’s doing, he keeps getting himself injured. It’s never anything major, and it’s usually because he’s walking on his hands and doing handsprings and god knows what else when the training sessions start to get boring… Fortunately for Tom, Coach Marko is a qualified sports physio who’s quick to frog march Tom to his office the moment the boy badly lands one of his trademark cartwheels. It’s pretty obviously a groin strain. If Cain had a dollar for every time Tom strained his groin, he’d be a wealthy man. The boy claims his previous injury is playing up again. He’s no idea that the coach was watching him showing off and saw him landing flat on his face! In any case, a quick, deep-tissue massage should get him back on his feet. Cain begins to prod and probe the boy’s upper thigh. It’s a delicate, potentially embarrassing area for any coach/masseur to deal with, especially when his student gets an unexpected hard-on. He was not expecting this to be the case with Tom, so when he sees the boy’s dick suddenly straining to be released from his shorts, he’s momentarily taken aback. Knowing a student is having a sexual response to your touch can generate a multitude of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts, especially when, like Cain, you’ve a bit of a penchant for younger men. Since arriving, Coach Cain has occasionally enjoyed watching Tom. When he’s not dicking around and causing mischief, he proves to be quite enticing; cute little butt and plainly quite a big package for a boy of his lean physique… And seeing Tom hard makes the coach hard. The treatment continues, but rapidly takes on an air of inappropriateness. Tom flashes lustful glances at his coach, who encourages him to strip naked. Tom’s eight-inch dick stands to attention. He’s momentarily embarrassed but Coach Cain explains there’s nothing to feel ashamed about, before sensuously caressing the boy’s rampant meat in his giant hands. Cain gently licks the the precum from the tip of Tom’s twitching tool, then erotically runs his lips up and down its veiny shaft. Tom is instantly in heaven, groaning and gasping as the endorphins start to dance around his body. He feels light-headed and reckless. He hears himself telling the coach he wants to fuck before feeling the words forming on his lips. The coach nods, barely flinching. The moment Tom’s dick sprang athletically out of his tight jockstrap, he knew he had to have it. The coach drops his shorts and lies on the couch, holding his giant, muscular legs in the air, presenting his pink, puckered hole to the horny boy. Within seconds, Tom is down on his knees with his teenage tongue tickling his older coach’s ass. Tom kneels up, lines up his dick with the older man’s big butt and starts to push. His beautiful meat slides into Coach Cain like a hot knife into butter and the boy immediately starts to excitedly thrust in and out, slowly picking up speed and energy while the bearded older man mutters words of encouragement in his deep, masculine voice. The coach strips naked and lies on his back, revealing his beefy, hairy torso while Tom continues to pound him harder, deeper, and faster in a display of unbelievable stamina. The true athlete comes out! [Read more]

Chapter 1 New Recruit ADRIAN ROSE

I’ve had my eye on Adrian ever since he showed up. He was a transfer from god-knows-where with a really poor academic record, but I quickly learned ...that he was a diligent and highly-competitive sportsman. He’s also drop dead gorgeous; incredibly toned for someone his age and he’s insanely hairy! His legs and arms are covered in a thick, almost otter-like layer of dark, lustrous fur. But the thing which drew me into him more than anything else was his air of confidence. There’s an ease in the way that he moves, and when you speak to him, he holds your gaze, almost like he’s peering into your soul… It didn’t take me long to realize we had a connection, which plainly had pretty potent sexual overtones. He’d regularly shoot me a look so powerfully lustful it gave me an instant hard-on. It wasn’t so much a matter of whether we were going to fuck, the only thing we needed to decide was when! I eventually found an appropriate moment to get him into my office, which is where I do my best work in the field of seduction! What can I say? It has a large couch, a lock on the door, and, when practices are over, it’s in a pretty quiet corner of the campus where the kind of noises horny young men make in the heat of the moment are unlikely to be overheard! I went straight for the jugular, sitting next to him, placing my hand on his thigh and coming out with some kind of cheesy, double-entendre-laden one-liner about being his coach and wanting to see him going a lot further. Of course, he instantly picked up on the sexual intent inherent in my somewhat clumsy actions. He parted those lovely hairy legs of his and stared at me in a manner which could only be described as wild! I leaned in for a kiss and the boy went at it all guns blazing, forcing his tongue into my mouth like a dog in heat. It got real heavy real quick. He knew exactly what he was doing and was plainly intent on calling the shots. It’s been some time since I’ve been with such an assertive young man. He stripped naked to reveal the hairiest chest I’ve probably ever seen on a teenager, and a beautiful, uncut dick, which surprised and excited me in equal measure. I kissed up and down his body, attempting to pass my hungry lips over every inch of his chest before settling down to pleasure his tasty dick, which he aggressively thrusted into my mouth while murmuring filth like a top tier porn star. I stripped down to my jock and squatted on the couch while he got his sleazy little tongue dancing inside my hole, breaking away repeatedly to spit on it and remind me I was his! Then came the moment I had waited so long for: he was pushing his dick into me. It slid in nice and easy and he was fucking me hard before I could tell him to take it easy! I could feel him using his pelvis to get as deep in there as possible. He varied the speed of his thrusts like a true pro, rapidly reaching a near bewildering pace which had me gasping like a wounded animal, particularly when he grabbed my hand and held me in an arm lock! He spun me onto my back and the ferocious onslaught continued. I could feel him pounding me mercilessly with every inch of energy in his tight, teenage body. Before long, I was off the edge of the couch with my legs akimbo and he was staring down at me, grunting like a wild boar and slamming into me with strokes which can only be described as barbaric! He pulled out and jerked his dick over my hole before pushing the head back in as the semen burst out of him, filling my crack with thick, frothy cream which felt as much an act of branding as it did an expression of lust. The boy clearly set out to use my ass and 100% succeeded in his mission! [Read more]

Chapter 2 Top Instruction MYOTT HUNTER

My name is Myott and I’m a DILF-o-phile! I just made that word up, but I know that you know what I mean! Basically, for as long as I can remember..., I’ve had this thing about older guys. I can’t really remember when those feelings turned sexual, but these days, I can’t pass a well-presented, well-maintained daddy in the street without taking a good, hard look! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna get me into trouble one of these days, because older dudes almost always seem to like me back! I have a particular penchant for mature men with muscles! I joined a local gym after seeing one of its personal trainers in the mall. God, he was hot! I’m always too busy ogling to do any proper working out, but the walk there does me good! I’ve joined every sports team in college. I’ve perfected an unconfident air, which always seems to get me noticed by the coaches. They all want to bring me out of my shell, so I basically pretend to be all nervous until they offer me one-on-one tuition… which is when I pounce! Coach Marko had me feeling hot and bothered from the moment I first saw him. He’s tall, he’s built like some kind of Greek God on steroids, and he’s covered in tattoos. He’s got coppery-gray hair and one of those well-groomed beards that you just wanna rub your knuckles through. To be honest, it’s pretty easy to play the shy boy in front of him, ‘cus he makes me blush and go all tongue-tied every time I speak to him. He’d be shocked beyond words to hear the filthy thoughts that dart through my mind every time I see him. I could sense my “little boy lost” routine was having the desired effect on him and when he asked me to come to his office after training, I was pretty sure this was going to be my moment. When he closed the door, then locked it, I was certain! He was wearing this astonishing pair of shorts which clung to his enormous thigh muscles like the fabric had been sprayed on. I sat down on his couch and, as he walked towards me, my eyes were drawn helplessly to his bulge which seemed to be growing with every step. I looked up at his face and there was definitely mischief - and lust - in his eyes. He wasted no time whatsoever and knelt down next to me, running his huge hands seductively up and down my chest. I gave him a flash of a look which said “please be gentle” which came pretty easily, as he’s easily twice my size. His hands ran down my body, gently squeezing and caressing, first my hand, then my wrist, then the flesh around my hips. I heard myself gasping in anticipation as I melted into his manliness. He started to fondle my dick through the soft fabric of my shorts. It was as hard as metal, and pointing up at a diagonal towards the pocket. His hands made me shudder and shiver; the patterns he drew with his fingers seemed to be designed to bring maximum pleasure! Then he kissed me so gently and passionately that my breath seemed to leave my body. I took off my shirt. He kissed every inch of my chest and I must have entered some sort of ecstatic trance. I was helpless to do anything but respond pantingly to his touch, my hand running over his ass which felt like it had been chiseled out of marble. He pulled my dick out of my shorts and started to gently jerk it with the smooth palm of his hand. I’d have done anything for him at that moment. He could have taken me and I’d have given myself to him entirely. Equally, I’d have happily thrown him onto the couch and fucked him like we were the last two men on the planet… Then he squatted down and placed his lips around my swollen knob, which by then was glistening with pre-cum. I don’t know what he was doing down there, but he sucked me better than I’ve ever been sucked in my life before. My entire body was tingling. My skin was suddenly covered in goosebumps. I looked down at this giant hulk of a hunk doing everything he possibly could to pleasure me and my head started spinning with unadulterated lust! He stripped naked and I dropped to my knees to suck him, but he told me instead that he wanted me to get his hole ready. Then he got on all fours on the couch and presented his ass to me like some sort of sexed-up, silver-backed gorilla. I got my tongue up there within seconds, almost suffocating as I buried my face between his giant ass cheeks, but not wanting to stop because he tasted so good. I turned him onto his back and kept eating him out as he murmured sleazy words of encouragement to me which got my dick harder than it’s probably ever been! I knelt between his legs and started to push myself into him. My dick slid in there like a hot knife into butter. Within seconds, I was thrusting in and out of him, gasping uncontrollably as he adeptly gripped his ass muscles around my cock, almost as though he were trying to suck me into him. I pounded harder and faster, all the time knowing I was getting closer and closer to exploding inside him, while fighting the sensation with every fiber of my being; I didn’t want the intense pleasure to end. But it was too late: I felt the seeming rising in my shaft and then bursting out of my cock like a bullet from a gun, deep into his beautiful, masculine body. [Read more]

Chapter 4 Extra Innings JACK ANDRAM

Watching a boy turning into a man always fills me with a sense of pride and wonderment. Pride because, as their coach, I know I’ve helped to giv...e them the wherewithal to realize their physical potential. Wonderment, because I remember how beautiful the process was for me. Bulking out, learning to be the master of my own sexual urges, realizing I was turning more and more heads, recognizing the innate power that was mine to use as I desired. It was an intoxicating sensation, and witnessing it in others can be utterly addictive. Take Jack, for example: A year ago, he was gawky, skinny as a rake, and pretty uncoordinated. We got him on a better diet, started working on his fitness levels, introduced him to the benefits of lifting weights, and now he’s the best pitcher on the team! He’s focussed, mentally sharp, and confident. And I’ll be honest… This new Jack can be quite distracting! I had him in my office this afternoon. I was putting him through his paces, trying to get him back to peak fitness after a winter off. I’m working on his abs at the moment and was sitting on his feet while he did a bunch of sit ups. I don’t know what suddenly came over me, but every time that pretty little face of his came looming up towards mine, I felt more and more like I wanted to kiss it. I must have been looking at him with real fire in my eyes because his expression suddenly changed and I instantly knew that the seemingly irrepressible sensation I was feeling was utterly reciprocal. It happened so naturally. There was the briefest moment of stillness where we stared into each other’s eyes as though both of us were checking that the other was cool with everything… and then our lips touched. He kissed so beautifully. His lips are soft and full. His breath was minty fresh. I was instantly addicted. I stood him up so that the impressive bulge developing in his shorts was right up against my face. He was just out the shower, so smelt real clean and fresh, but there was the merest hint of manly musk about him which made me just wanna whip out his dick and suck the horny fucker dry! I pulled down his shorts and pulled his meat out of the side of his jock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick so impressive on a guy his age and stature. It’s gotta be at least eight inches of prime beef and it was so hard it stood almost flat against his stomach. Then, to cap everything, he’s got these low hanging balls, no doubt bursting with juicy semen. I literally couldn’t wait to take things to the next level. I stood up, pushed my shorts down, and, as we started to kiss again, our cocks started to touch - almost like two magnets being drawn to each other. I got back onto my knees and started to tease and tickle the boy with my tongue, running my fat lips up and down his shaft and getting his heavy nut sack into my mouth. I sat down on the couch and he sucked me for long enough for me to start wondering if he was expecting me to top him. Much as I’m sure that tight, teenaged hole of his would have felt really special wrapped around my dick, there was no way I was gonna let him leave without fucking me. With that giant member of his rock hard and pointing to the ceiling, I indicated for him to sit down on the couch, turning my back to him, squatting, and then slowly lowering myself down onto his dick. The sensation nearly took my breath away. It was definitely the gift that kept on giving. Every time I thought he was fully inside me, it felt like he pushed another half inch in. And before I’d got myself used to the feeling of it in my guts, he started to thrust it in and out. I’m not gonna lie, it was a real struggle to begin with. But after I’d relaxed into his rhythm, the sensation was one of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Every time I glanced down at him, I could see he was red-faced and gritting his teeth, obviously completely committed to his task of breeding my hole! We changed positions so that I was on my back on the couch, legs in the air, with him banging me from the front, looking down at me with those huge, hazel, beautiful eyes. He jerked me off as he slammed his cock in and out. His fist gilded effortlessly up and down my shaft which was now soaking wet with pre-cum and his spit. I was desperate to keep his dick inside me at all costs. It felt like the most remarkable fit for my ass, like its shape, girth and length has been tailor-made for my profound pleasure! The noises that were coming out of my mouth were something else - an animalistic blend of grunting, whimpering, roaring, and hyperventilation! I remember hoping that the janitor wasn’t gonna be doing his rounds. Then Jack leaned over me and started to really pound. I could tell he was close and heard myself begging for his cum. I wanted it inside me. I wanted him to baste me internally. I could feel his big load throbbing into me, one giant squirt after another. And then he laid back in my arms, catching his breath, heartbeat slowly returning to a normal rate… Transition to manhood complete! [Read more]

Chapter 1 New Recruit TYLER TANNER

My name’s Tyler and I moved to the area a few months back when my parents got divorced. I won’t lie; it’s not been the easiest of times. I’ve ...struggled to make friends around here and I miss my dad. It was dad who told me to try out for the school’s baseball team. He said it might be a good way to meet people and he’s always maintained that I’m a better player than I think. I was fairly astonished when I was accepted for the first team and I think the confidence I gained from being chosen gave me the self belief I needed to improve even more. Coach Marko says he’s thrilled with my progress and told me last week that if I continued the way I was going, I could end up turning pro. I don’t know what I’d do without him to be honest. I know he’s the coach, and there are probably scores of other boys in the school who think they have a special bond with him, but I really believe he’s started to view me as a friend. If I’m being really truthful, I’ve started to think about him in a slightly inappropriate way. I can’t help it! I had an incredibly erotic dream about him, maybe a month ago, and haven’t been able to think about anything else ever since. I find myself staring at him across the canteen and when he looks over, I start to blush uncontrollably. And I’ve become embarrassingly obsessed with his butt! If I see him walking down a corridor ahead of me, I quicken my step, just so I can get a good look! It’s insanely firm and round and sexy, and all I wanna do is touch it. In the last week or so, I’ve caught him looking at me more often. I thought to begin with it was just wishful thinking on my part, but sometimes he stares at me with a sort of intensity which just makes me tremble and get all lost for words. I always stay around after practice to help him put the equipment away. We usually chat and make jokes but the other night the atmosphere suddenly changed. He stopped what he was doing and just stared at me for what seemed like forever. I knew my dick was getting stiff and tenting like crazy in my shorts, so when he broke eye-contact and glanced down there, well I just wanted the earth to swallow me up! He looked a little shocked to begin with, then a smile started to flicker in his eyes. Then he said we should probably have a chat… and before long we were walking towards his office with me thinking I was about to get dropped from the team, or expelled from school for being some sort of sexual deviant! We arrived at his office and he got me to sit down on one of those ottoman things. I was so nervous that all I could hear was the sound of my heart thumping in my ears… Then he told me to turn around. I was so surprised and confused that I simply did what he asked me to do, kneeling upwards on the ottoman with my back to him, wondering what on earth was coming next. Then he started rubbing my shoulders and I remember thinking that if I was in trouble, this was a funny old way to punish me! And then his huge hands started running up and down my chest, real slow and sensual. And then I realized he was making a pass at me! This was it! All those lingering looks had been for real. I’m sure I was shaking like a leaf as I leaned back into him, my left hand instinctively moving back to touch his giant, muscular thigh, which felt like a piece of chiseled marble! Then he told me to take my shirt off and I couldn’t believe what was happening. My dream was actually being re-enacted! We were making out, just like people make out in films! Cards on the table… I’ve never been with a guy before. I mean, I’ve barely been with girls before aside from a few fumbles back home. Everything that was happening with the coach was new territory for me. At one point, I felt like apologizing and telling him I had no idea what I was doing and that he could wrap things up as soon as he wanted to if I was being a terrible disappointment. But fortunately, I thought better of it, and decided to go with the flow and trust my instincts, maybe copy what he was doing… He turned me around and muttered something in his deep, gruff voice and I was instantly overtaken by a rush of pure… I dunno, maybe lust? I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I wanted him. My dick wanted him. My lips wanted him… I jumped up and literally threw myself at him, kissing him desperately, hungrily, passionately, melting into his giant, muscular body, head dancing with dirty thoughts. He started kissing and biting my neck and I felt my hand moving under the waistband of his shorts, feeling an unquenchable desire to touch the butt which I’d stared at so obsessively. It was every bit worth the wait; soft like silk, yet at the same time, as hard as iron. My dick started to throb uncontrollably. I don’t know what came over me, but I felt myself pushing the coach down onto his knees, wanting to feel his lips on my cock. I was utterly astonished when he sank to the ground and started to nuzzle the bulge in my shorts with his mouth. It made me feel hornier than I’ve ever felt in my life. I think I may even have told him how hot he was. And then, as my body started to hum with sexual excitement, I heard myself muttering all sorts of crazy, filthy stuff, feeling more and more dominant, wanting more and more to use that sexy, beautiful, hairy man. He pulled down my shorts and my cock was bulging in my jock, ripe and ready to be shoved into his mouth. I wanted to know how it would feel to have my dick in there. The thought that I was about to experience the sensation for the first time in my life with my beloved coach was beyond sexy. And then my cock slid slowly between his lips and I suddenly understood the meaning of pure pleasure. After the initial rush of ecstasy had subsided, I just wanted to see how far I could get my dick inside his mouth. I found myself grabbing the back of his head and slamming myself into him, using his throat like it existed solely for my sexual gratification. I stood him up, made him remove his shirt and then dropped to my knees to see how my mouth would feel sucking his dick. I pulled down his jock to reveal a bright orange flash of pubic hair and a giant cock with a thick, bulging head. I instantly started to suck it with no sense of whether what I was doing was gonna hit the right spots. I just went for it like some kind of slutty cock addict. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted to nut inside him. I wanted to know how my dick would feel in that marble-chiseled butt of his. The dominant voice in me burst out of my mouth and I heard myself telling him to get on all fours. I pulled his butt cheeks apart to reveal his hole and then allowed instinct to take over again. I knew if I was gonna slide my throbbing dick into him, his ass would have to be real wet, so figured spit would be the best kind of lubricant. Then I found myself sticking my tongue right up there, getting increasingly excited about the idea of my dick following suit! I suddenly knew the moment had arrived. It was time to do the thing I’d dreamt of doing ever since my dick started getting hard in my early teens. I lined my cock up with Coach Marko’s tight little hole and started to push… It slipped in like a hot knife into butter, but I immediately felt the muscles inside his hole clamping hard onto my dick. The experience was so freakin’ intense; way better than I could ever have imagined. It felt natural to thrust myself in and out of him, but once I’d started doing that, the sensation was so amazing, I just wanted to go harder and deeper; lodge my dick right up there inside his guts. The very act of my thin weedy little body, climbing on top of his huge, muscular, masculine back and using every fiber of strength to hump him hard really turned me on. I got him on his back and carried on. I wanted to look into his eyes and see the effect my dick was having on him while kissing him deeply. I wanted him so much. I wanted to squirt every last drop of semen from my dick into his body. With every stroke I knew I was getting closer to the inevitable. It took every last piece of willpower to stop myself from shooting, but I just wasn’t ready for it to end. They say the best things come to those who wait and the experience of finally letting go and shooting inside Coach Marko was utterly remarkable. I felt the semen forming in my balls and then my entire body started to tingle as it rose up my shaft and burst with remarkable force and energy into his beautiful body. [Read more]

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